Mark - Discovery 3 Remap

You did are map on my manual Disco 3 , just thought I would give you an update. I drove down to Norfolk last week an the car was completely different to drive , the response across the gearbox was loads better & the car seemed to hold its speed better . The surprise bonus is that I got 33.8 mpg which the car has never achieved before. Keep up the good work and I will be back when I change the car . Many Thanks

Lee Stedman - Audi TT Remap

If your thinking of having your vehicle remapped in or around Sheffield then please! Do yourself a favour and speak to Peter at Remap UK, he explained everything in detail to me and I watched every step that he did, absolute top marks for customer care and the results are amazing!! My only regret is it took me so long to have it done.
Well done Remap UK totally worth every penny & will recommend to all.

Ian Gales - Focus ST Remap Launch Control

Excellent service really nice guy Peter knows exactly what he is doing cant fault his work or company and what a difference to my car it has made focus st remap last year been back today for launch control and excellent service and customer care.
I would highly recommend peter and the service he gives.

Dave M - Ambulance Remap

We used Andy to remap some of our fleet. We operate Emergency Ambulances on behalf of the NHS and it's vital that our fleet is up to scratch and we can get the most of the vehicle when time is of the essence. I spoke with Andy re 4 Renault Masters which are new, Andy said no problem and within a week all 4 of our Renault Ambulances have been remapped and the feedback from the staff is excellent. I would recommend Andy to anyone who wants more performance from a vehicle. We trusted Andy to work on ambulances worth over £98K each and we wasn't disappointed, excellent service all round. Thanks a lot.